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Welcome to the space of MAXMEDIA. We paint the best frames, great visuals

MAXMEDIA a complete imaging unit is located inPERUVA. In the world of light & life we MAXMEDIA digital studio offer unique imaging techniques to visualize your dreams and fulfill your desire with charm. In our most sophisticated digital studio we do fashion photography, portraits and various types of indoor photography. We have the most modern editing suite for still & motion pictures. In out door photography we have different units to carryout assignments many a function at the same time.

Wed Live

Considering the hectic life schedule of the modern world we introduce our specialty in videography - 'WEB LIVE'. This is an exclusive service offering Online Live Broadcasting of your events and occasions through our website On a prior announcement from your part, you will be helping all your kith and kin afar to participate and view the event from any part of the globe.

Video Graphy

Our service in the field of visual media is not limited to photography alone. Videography is also there as another prominent service that we provide. The latest advancement in this field helps us to shoot even your smallest and dearest family occasions, in international professional video standards and quality. Using the extremely high-end video cameras from SONY and PANASONIC we capture the video in DV CAM and HD CAM formats which totally eradicate all your apprehensions of the clarity loss which was there, embarrassing you a decade ago. It is now possible for us to meet international video standards in the coverage of marriage functions and receptions as well as in the shooting of video albums, thanks to our advanced Outdoor Unit consisting of multi cameras, jib-arm cranes,Study cam, CCTV and LCD projectors. With these and, of course, with the help of our highly trained personnel, we offer live coverage of functions in very large areas.

Video Editing Lab

In order to present you a quick and best quality of video DVDs and CDs, we are fully aware of the relevance of an Advanced Video Editing Unit. A highly trained team of professional video editors works diligently giving ultimate concern to the output quality and beauty of each and every work. In the field of High Definition Video Editing, we use the world class editing soft wares like MATROX RTX2, FCP [Final Cut Pro]. Along with the normal versions of Video DVDs and CDs we are now able to present your videos in BLUE RAY format also, where you will find your videos in highly international broadcasting quality, which means no clarity loss at all!!


Here we are, to capture you in the light, and to present you a lifetime of pleasure. Marching along with time, we bring to your doorstep the most advanced high-end technology in the realm of photography, reducing all your embarrassment and making the shoot a moment of pleasure as well for you. For this, we have a bag full of high-end photographic equipments and a professionally strong brigade of well-trained personnel, who, with their advanced knowledge and experience, capture your family events, eliminating all your embarrassment and thereby convincing you of the highly professional quality of the service we provide.

In this era of digitalization, photography, as you know, is no longer entangled with the uncertainty and risks of films and its processing procedures. With the advancement of technology, very little time is needed for you to view the results of the shoots on your PC. However, it still needs the most advanced digital equipments to bring about the highly finished images of professional quality, which you long to possess and preserve. Unfortunately, acquiring of such expensive equipments still remains out of the reach of the common man. We use the most advanced high-end digital cameras and lenses from CANON and NIKON as well as the advanced lighting equipments and technology from ELINCHROME to bring to you the extremely finished images.


With the aid of the most advanced photo editing soft wares, an excellent team of our artistically trained photo editors is constantly vigilant to bring to you the most beautifully ever designed Digital Albums, which we provide in soft, and hard copies as well. Latest printing techniques and equipments are adopted in order to present you, the most Light Weight Digital Album, which is considered to be a novelty in this field. This reduces the embarrassment and difficulty in preserving and transporting your dearest photographs. Album pages and photographs of the event will be uploaded, on request, through our website in order to help your friends and relatives abroad to view the same


For those, who have a passion for Art and Fashion photography, our fully equipped studio at Peruva is an ideal place. Here we have a studio floor providing ample place and armed with latest lighting equipments from ELICHROME and high-end cameras from CANON and NIKON as well. A team of well-trained assistants will also be present to guide and assist you during the shoot.

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